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Design and Manufacturing of Forming & Trim Tooling for the Food Packaging Industry

Design and Manufacturing of Forming & Trim Tooling for the Food Packaging IndustryA customer in the food packaging industry approached Omnitool to design and manufacture forming and trim tooling. The tooling was made to manufacture an oversized deli container lid with an outside diameter of 17.5". We designed the tooling using Cadkey and Pro Engineer software and manufactured it with 3- and 5-axis machining, grinding and wire EDM. The trim tool was made of both A-2 tool steel (with an Rc Hardness of 48/52) and D-2 tool steel (with an Rc Hardness of 60/62). The form tooling had an OPS of .020 and like the trim tool, took 2 weeks to design and 8 weeks to build.

For more information on this design and manufacturing project please see the details below. For details about our other services please contact Omnitool.

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Forming & Trim Tooling Highlights

Product Description This tool was made to manufacture a really large deli container lid from OPS.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Tooling Design & Manufacturing
  • Designed using Cadkey & Pro Engineer
  • 3 and 5 Axis Machining
  • Wire EDM
  • Grinding
Overall Dimensions
Form Tooling:
Length: 44"
Width: 44.5"
Diameter: Ø17.5"
Form Tooling Specifications
Tool Type
  • 4 Up
  • 2 Across
  • 2 Thru
  • .005"
  • For Irwin Magnum
  • Flood Cooled
  • Graphic Inserts
  • .022 Vacuum Hole
  • Flood Cooling
  • Perimeter Clamp
  • Air Actuated/Machine Actuated
  • Flood Cooling
  • Perimeter Clamp
Hook Ups
  • Vacuum: 1-1/2 NPT
  • Cooling: 3/4 NPT
Trim Tool Specifications
Die Specs
  • Shut Height: 10"
  • Open Height: 19"
  • 4-2" Posts
  • Product Handling
    • Stacking Table
    • Cone Locators
    • Scrap Cutter
    • Sheet Guides
Punch Specs
  • Engagement Depth: .100" @ 10.000"
  • Type: Blanking
Ejector Specs
  • Flat Plate
  • Machine Drive
  • 9"
Tightest Tolerances ±.00025
Material Used
Material Formed/Trimmed: .020 OPS Trim Tool:
A-2 Tool Steel, 48/52 Rc Hardness
D-2 Tool Steel, 60/62 Rc Hardness
In process testing/inspection performed CMM Inspection
Industry for Use Food Packaging
Turn Around Time
Form Tooling:
2 Weeks Design
8 Weeks Build
Trim Tool:
2 Weeks Design
8 Weeks Build
Standards Met Customer Supplied
Product Name Forming & Trim Tooling

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