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Form Tool, Pre-Punch and Perimeter Trim Tooling for Berry Container

Design & Manufacturing of Prototype Tooling for the Packaging Industry

When a major manufacturer approached Omnitool to design and build a full suite of tooling to create a side vented berry package comprised of a form tool, a pre-punch station and a perimeter trim station we knew we could draw upon or 70+ plus years of combined experience to provide a solution that could stand the test of time. The challenge of building full tooling solutions is multifaceted and we pride ourselves on building the best full service tooling solutions in the industry.

6 A Designing these systems requires a full knowledge of the issues associated with installation and running this type of tooling. Omnitool’s engineering department will travel to a site to ensure that we fully understand the requirements.
6 B Solid models are invaluable for detecting potential issues and for communicating design intent. This solid model assembly is used as a platform for a formal tool review prior to cutting metal.
6 C The in house capabilities at Omnitool are perfectly suited to handle challenges of this nature. The pre-punches need to be held on location rigidly and they need to be easily serviceable.

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Project Name Berry Container
project scope Narrative
Market served Food Packaging
Material Trimmed .018 PETE
Number Across 4
Product Size 2.25 X 7.50 9.87
Mounting Lyle 150

Die Set Spec

Posts 4- 2" posts
Shut Height 10
Open Height 20.5

Die Spec

d-2 individual dies
.0001/.0003 clearance total

Punch Spec

Type Blanking
Material d-2 Blades a-2 holder
Hardness 60-62rc
Engagement Depth .250" @ 10.000"
prepunch stripper nylon stripper
spring actuated
Delivery Time 2 Weeks Design
8 Weeks Build

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