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Complete Design Services and Production Tooling for Paint Tray System

Design and Manufacturing of Forming & Trim Tooling for the Food Packaging Industry

Bercom Inc. is dedicated to producing painter’s tools that solve problems that lead their customers to ask “why didn’t I think of that?” Their flagship product is called the HANDy Paint Pail® it reduces fatigue by a handy strap while it holds the brush with an ingenious use of a magnet. Bercom wanted to build on the success of this product by offering an inexpensive, but ergonomically sound, roller tray designed specifically to be used with mini-rollers. One of the beauties of this product is that it incorporates a disposable liner. This makes clean up and color changes a snap while eliminating the excess paint from being washed down the drain.

1 A Omnitool’s industrial design team worked in association with engineers at Primordial Soup Inc., a product development consulting company, to develop the design of the paint tray and liner. Great care was taken to ensure that the design of this product reinforced a family appearance with the rest of the product line.
1 B Once the tray design was finalized Omnitool went to work designing and building the tooling required to form the product from RPET sheet. The tool was designed to be run in a Lyle 140f former along with a steel rule trim die and a stacker.
1 C As part of our process numerous prototypes were made to test comfort and function as well as testing the fit of the liner. These prototype parts were invaluable as they were used to secure approval into retail channels, as well as to help nail down shipping and fulfillment details.

For more information on this design and manufacturing project, please see the details below.

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CASE STUDY Complete Design Services and Production Tooling for Paint tray System

Market served DIY
design software used Pro Engineer
Adobe Illustrator


Material Gauge 0.012
Trim Method hand trimmed
Delivery Time 48 Hours
Number of Parts Delivered 24


Tool Type 12 up
3 across
4 thru
Tool Dimensions 40 x 32
Top Half 12.125
Bottom Half 9.125
Shrinkage 1.045
Product Size 8.95 x 8.64 x 3.93 deep
Material Formed .015 PET
Design Software Used Pro Engineer
Mounting Lyle 140f
Cavities water cooled
Stripper 9.125
Clamping Perimeter Clamp
hook ups
vacuum: 1-1/2" npt
form air: 1" npt
water: 1" npt
2 weeks design
8 weeks build
Delivery Time 2 Weeks Design
8 Weeks Build


Trim Tool Type Steel Rule Die
Material .015 PET
Shrinkage 1.002
Inches of Rule 356 inches
Product Size 8.95 x 8.64
Mounting 1.002
Die Spec  
Upper Trim Backer 4- 2" posts
Trim Block 5 x 28 x 37
product handling stacking table
Delivery Time 1 Week Design
4 Weeks Build

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