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About Us

About Us

Our History

Founded in 1976, Omnitool started out solving complex, tolerance-centered, structural engineering challenges in the Aerospace Industry. Acknowledging the business opportunity held within the constant change in the food packaging industry and realizing people would always need clean, safe and affordable food packaging, we applied our engineering experience and relationships to food packaging design.

While this change marked our departure from the aerospace industry, we were equipped on arrival with tight-tolerance engineering and tool building knowledge. We have since translated that knowledge into becoming one of the world's premier thermoform tooling builders.

For 35 years, we've served international customers that provide Omnitool a footprint in nine countries.

Omnitool is located in the center of America's heartland. Quality work, on time delivery, and a fair price are the axioms in which we still believe. Put these together with the latest software tools and large fast machining equipment and you'll find us working smart, hard, and with integrity.

Our Team

All Omnitool employees start with a minimum field related, 2 year post secondary education. From there, they learn side by side with more seasoned veterans who are built to guide.

With over 119 years of design and engineering experience and 180 years of building and testing tooling, the average tenure at Omnitool is over 14 years.