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Omnitool designs and manufactures world class thermoform tooling, match metal trim dies and Pre-punch tooling as well as blow mold and injection mold tooling. Whether we start from a napkin sketch, a product sample or CAD data, our Engineering Department will work with your requirements to ensure your tooling is delivered on time and on budget. That includes a mid-program review and a final tool review.

All of our tools are tested to ensure we deliver on our promises and we have invested in the equipment to do so. We employ coordinate measuring machines, die handlers and heater controllers to ensure that our tooling works as intended, the first time. We have been designing and building tooling for over 35 year and know that It’s a major investment and we work hard to maximize your return.

For high-quality tooling design and manufacturing services delivered on time and at competitive prices, contact us today 763.535.4240

Thermoform Mold Tooling
Omnitool designs and builds form tools for a wide range resins for solid sheet and foam. We design and cut complex cavity shapes using the latest five-axis technology and have built hundreds of tools integrating quick-change tooling architecture that enables our customers to cost-effectively form various products within a product family. We also have extensive experience in third-motion tooling mechanics for forming deep draw parts

Match Metal Trim Tooling
We design and manufacture vertical and horizontal match metal trim dies to trim any resin in solid sheet or foam. We build single piece and component trim tooling with tight-tolerance punch and die clearance (see table below for clearance information). We also offer guidance for proper trim die handling/loading.

Pre-punch Trim Tooling
We design and build both integrated and separate station pre-punch tooling to deliver near flawless side-venting on surfaces that are difficult to trim. We also design and build pin venting stations.

Blow Mold Tooling
Omnitool builds Tooling for the blow mold industry. Our extensive work in the engineering and manufacturing of aluminum tooling gives us a leg up when creating blow molds. We have created molds with in mold punches that eliminate costly secondary operations.

Injection Mold Tooling
We don’t do that many of them but the tools we have made have been beautiful and have received rave reviews by the companies that run them.

Production Thermoform Tooling Capabilities

General Capabilities Production Tooling
Mold Tool Types and Features
Thermoform Mold
  • Quick Change
  • 3rd Motion for Deep Draw Tooling
  • Any Resin
  • Large Tooling
Blow Mold
Injection Mold
Tooling Materials Aluminum
D2,A2 Hardened Steel
Trim Tool Types and Features
Match Metal
Pre-Punch Tooling
Steel Rule
Material Run Thickness .015 to .035 in
up to .080 in
Materials Form and Trimmed PP, PS, HIPS, OPS, PVC, APET, PET, ABS, HDPE, EPS, PC, RPET, TFPP
Form Tools
  • Gap checks on foam tools
  • Pressure tests of cooling systems
  • Vacuum tests
  • Heater Verification Test
Trim Tools
  • Gap Checks
  • Pre-Punch Test
Tools Used
  • Software Based Interference Checking
  • Die Handlers
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Heater control unit
Tooling Components
Mold Cavities
Plug Assists
Pressure Boxes
Mounting Plates
Heated Plugs
Electronic Controller
Typical Lead Times 8 to 14 weeks depending on complexity
Tolerance (+/-) .0002 to .0005 in
File Formats Tools are designed using Pro Engineer/Creo but we can accept all types of data.
Industry Memberships Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association
Society of Plastics Engineers

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