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Our job is not to create the foam take-out container, but to create the tooling that makes the foam take-out container run profitably and consistently. Omnitool Inc. has been designing and building foam tooling since the early 80’s. In the process we have learned an awful lot about what makes these tooling solutions run and run well. Some of our tools have been in service for over 15 years.

Before we start the design of a hinge lid container we scrutinize the design looking for issues that might adversely affect the performance of the final product.

Since we have designed numerous hinge lid containers in house we leverage that experience to make sure that the container will close correctly, that the tabs closure mechanism will function as planned, and that the hinge will perform as intended.

This foam hinge lid container required the use of in mold shear keys. The job of the shear key is to trim out the hole that facilitates the closure mechanism. Our experience manufacturing tight tolerance work shines through to make shear keys that perform better, and last longer reducing down time.


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Tool Type28 up , 4 Across
Tool Dimensions14.00 X 50.00 X 46.188
Product Size1.71 X 5.236 X 10.236
Material Formed.059 Foam PS
Design Software UsedPro Engineer
MountingIrwin 50"
CavitiesFlood Cooled
Embossed Inserts
.016 Vac Hole
Plugsflood cooled
Embossed Inserts
front and rear sheet clamp
10 weeks
Tab SlotShearkey
Photo Lugs
ClampingFlood Cooling
Front and Rear Sheet Clamp
Air cyl. Actuated
Hook upsVacuum: 1-1/4"npt
Cooling: 1/2 "npt
Delivery Time2 Weeks Design
8 Weeks Build


Project Name5" Hinged Lid Container
Project ScopeNarrative
Market ServedFood Packaging
Material Trimmed.059 Foam PS
Number Across4
Product Size5.236 x 10.236
MountingIrwin 50"

Die Spec

Posts4- 2" posts
Shut Height7.875
Hardness54/56 Rc
Product HandlingStacking Table
Servo FeedPhoto Lugs

Punch Spec

Clearance.0003/.0006 Per Side
Engagement Depth.125" @ 7.875"
Delivery Time2 Weeks Design
8 Weeks Build

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